Asst. Prof. Ketoulenuo Belho(Head of Dept.)
Name Ketoulenuo Belho
Qualification MA (Guwahati University)
Date of joining 26-07-2007
Years of Experience 14 years
e-Mail ID ketoulenuo18@gmail.com
Asst. Professor Thungchobeni Sangma
Name Thungchobeni Sangma
Date of joining  15/06/2008
Qualification  M.A (University of Hyderabad)
Years of Experience 13
e-Mail ID thungchobeni@gmail.com
Asst. Professor Muliya Kath
Name  Muliya Kath
Date of joining 01-09-2021
Qualification MA English Literature (Nagaland University) B Ed State College of Teacher Education
Years of Experience 2
e-Mail ID mumukath7@gmail.com
Asst. Professor Khumeng M
Name  Khumeng M
Date of joining 1-02-2022
Qualification MA/ Mahatma Gandhi University, Meghalaya
Years of Experience 1
e-Mail ID khumengshiu@gmail.com


Asst. Prof. Kholi Lohrii(Head of Dept.)
Name Kholi Lohrhii
Date of joining 16-04-1997
Qualification M.Com. (Nagaland University)
Years of Experience 24
e-Mail ID lohriisavio@gmail.com
Asst. Prof. Jennifer Veyie
Name Jennifer Veyie
Date of joining 16-08-2005
Qualification  MA Economics (University of Pune)
Years of Experience 16
e-Mail ID jenniferveyie@gmail.com
Asst. Prof. Vikhono Meyase
Name Vikhono Meyase
Qualification MA Economics (Christ University, Bangalore)
Area of interest Elimination of poverty
Date of Joining 1-11-2017
Years of Experience 4
e-Mail ID vik_mey@gmail.com


Dr Keneiseno Chase
Name Dr Keneiseno Chase
Date of joining 11-05-2009
Years of Experience 12
Qualification MA (NET), B Ed, PhD
P.HD (Title) 'A Study on the Status of Western Angami Women'
Membership of Professional Bodies/ Associations Member, Naga Scholars Association. Teacher Animator, Peer Mediation Forum, Alder College. Convenient, Research and Development Cell, Alder College
Publications Women Narratives in Naga Society with special reference to Customary Laws and Culture, published in 'Discourses on CULTURAL HERITAGE in contemporary Nagaland
e-Mail ID chaseneise83@gmail.com
Dr Medotsino Thorie
Name Dr Medotsino Thorie
Date of joining 25-05-2010
Qualification M.A, B.ed, PhD (Nagaland University)
Years of Experience 11
Email medthorie@aldercollege.ac.in
Avolu Theyo
Name Avolu theyo
Date of joining 3-06-2019
Qualification MA Education (Nagaland University), NET
Years of Experience 3
e-Mail ID theyoavolu@gmail.com


Asst. Professor Z.T Krose (Head of Deptt.)
Name Z.T. Krose
Date of joining 1-05-2003
Qualification M.A.  History (Nagaland University)
Years of Experience 18
e-Mail ID
Asst. Professor Pirong Jamir
Name Pirong Jamir
Date of joining 5-05-2010
Qualification MA Ancient Indian History and Archeology (Nagaland University)
Years of Experience 11
e-Mail ID pirongjr@gmail.com
Asst. Professor Wonchano Ezung
Name Wonchano Ezung
Date of joining 04-02-2022
Qualification MA, MPhil (Madras Christian College)
Years of Experience 1
e-Mail ID wonchanoezun@gmail.com

Political Science

Asst. Professor Vizadel Yongo (Head of Dept.)
Name Vizadel Yongo
Date of joining 27-06-2007
Qualification MA Political Science (Nagaland University), NET
Years of Experience 14
e-Mail ID vizadel@gmail.com
Asst. Professor Benngam Konyak
Name Benngam Konyak
Date of joining 05-07-2016
Qualification MA Political Science, Nagaland University
Years of Experience 5
e-Mail ID abenbensaykonyak@gmail.com
Asst. Professor Livi Shupao
Name Livi Shupao
Qualification MA(NET)/University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya
Date of joining 11 July 2022
Years of Experience 1
Professional Bodies/Association Naga Scholars Association and Nagaland Education Association
Publications Naga Customary Laws and it's Relevance in Present Sociaty (ISBN:978-93-85822-92-6)
e-Mail ID livishp16@gmail.com


Asst. Professor S. Amos (Head of Dept.)
Name S. Amos (Head of Dept.)
Date of joining 1-06-2004
Qualification MA / NEHU
Years of Experience 17
e-Mail ID amoswhuli@gmail.com
Asst. Professor Mhomo T.Kikon
Name Mhomo T. Kikon
Qualification MA(NEHU), NET
Date of joining 23-05-2018
Years of Experience 4 years
e-Mail ID Mhomokikon10@gmail.com
Asst. Professor Nukhrülu Swuro
Name Nukhrülu Swuro
Date of joining 05-04-2022
Qualification MA Sociology (Nagaland University)
Years of Experience 2 Years
e-Mail ID


Asst. Professor Nuneseno Meyase (Head of Dept.)
Name Nuneseno Meyase (Head of Dept.)
Qualification MA Tenyidie (Nagaland University) PhD Candidate (Nagaland University)
Current PhD Thesis Title  Socio-Cultural Life of Tenyimia
Date of joining 02-03-2016
Years of Experience 5
e-Mail ID
Asst. Professor Dr Rü-ünguso Kuotsu
Name Dr Rü-ünguso Kuotsu
Date of joining 28-05-2018
Qualification PhD Tenyidie, Nagaland University. LLB, Kohima Law College
PhD Thesis Title Code-Switching and Code-Mixing: An Endangering Trend to Mother Tongue (Tenyidie) in Urban Society of Kohima and Dimapur Districts of Nagaland
Years of Experience 3
e-Mail ID  nguso@gmail.com

Environmental Studies

 Temjensongla Longkumer
Name Temjensongla Longkumer
Date of joining 05-08-2023
Qualification MSc.Botany,Nagaland University
Area of Interest Ecological studies, wild edible plant species and their impact on livelihood
Years of Experience in the institution  one year running
e-Mail ID temjensong21@gmail.com