A library is the heart of an educational institution, trinity of library staff, books, readers and the library of Alder College is no less. The college library aims to serve the needs of faculty, students and other members by providing an excellent collection of documents both print and online. The library is divided into five sections:

a. Reading area
b. Stacking area
c. Reference area section
d. Circulation section
e. Internet section

Library Timing:

The library remain open on all working days.
Monday to Friday(9am to 2.30pm)
Saturday(9am to 12.30)
Book issue services 

All the faculty, students and non-teaching staff are the members of the college library. To borrow the books from the library, the member has to fill up the membership form. After which the members will get the library card from the circulation staff.

No. of cards issued
CategoryNo. of BooksPeriod(in days)
Student37 days


The library caters to the needs of the college. The library has a vast collection of books covering all aspects of social

sciences. The college library have access to e-resources through N- List(National Library and Information services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content)funded by the Ministry of Human Resources Development(MHRD) under its National Mission on Education through ICT. Under this program the college library members enjoys access to more than 2,100 e-journals including current issues with 3-10 years backup files and more than 51,000 e- books. Apart from online journals, the library subscribe and print journals as well.

Computerization has been introduced in the library activities. The SOUL (Software for University Library) developed by INFLIBNET was introduced and the automation process of library started phase wise.


The library provides different types of services:
a. Circulation service
b. Reference service
c. Current awareness service(CAS)
d. Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) service
e. Periodical service
f. Internet service
g. Orientation service( Freshers & database)
h. E-Resources
i. Printing service
j. Photocopying service
k. Online public access catalogue(OPAC)
l. Digital service(Email service)

Rules and Regulations

a. Books or other material taken from the stacks should not be re-shelved by the readers but should be left on the table.
b. Members must carry their identity cards to give entry and use the library and must produce it when required to do so by an authorized person. The card must be used only by the members to whom it is issued.
c. Incase of loss of identity card, the library will make a duplicate one, available on filling up of the prescribed form and payment.
d. The expiry date of the membership is stamped on the library identity card. For renewal, please surrender the old card and pay the requisite membership fee along with an application in prescribe form.
e. Silence is required in study areas. Loud conversation, standing in groups, discussions etc are not allowed. The use of mobile phone in the library is prohibited. Bags, books or any other personal belongings should be kept outside on the allotted space and are not allowed inside the library. Mobile phone should be switched off or kept in silent mode. The library will not be responsible in case of damage to or theft of personal property.

For further details of library services, contact:
Miss Momi
Asst. Librarian.