Teachers use ICT-enabled tools and online education resources for effective teaching-learning process in the institution. In addition to the traditional mode of education, subsequent efforts are made to incorporate e-learning in the classroom. With the view of enhancing the learning experience, the faculty members use IT enabled learning tools such as PPT and educational videos, social networking sites, blended learning platforms and conferencing platforms.

The College has 4 LCD Projectors and 4 ICT enabled Classrooms which are used for PowerPoint presentations and screening of documentaries and movies related to the subject content. Through the various platforms used by the teachers namely, YouTube, Emails, Whatsapp, Zoom, Google Meet and Google Classroom, teachers communicate with the students, provide necessary links and study materials, address their queries, provide guidance and assess their academic performance. Thus, a student-centric learning approach has been put in place by which students get ample access to advanced and practical knowledge. The use of ICT tools prove to be effective in smooth and proper execution of the teaching learning process while enabling the learners to be abreast of the digital and virtual world of knowledge.