Vision and Motto

Vision: The college aims to impart a comprehensive and value- based education keeping in view an all- round development of the students.  

Motto: We Learn to Serve

Mission and Objectives of Alder College

  1. To facilitate education for all irrespective of caste, creed and culture.
  2. To make education accessible to all including the poorest section of society and the remotest corner of Nagaland.
  3. To provide education with a view to developing skills to cope with life as a whole including inculcation of values for responsible citizenship.
  4. To bring out the best in the individual to attain excellence not only in the academic field but also in the other spheres of life.
  5. To foster mutual understanding between individuals and groups, to encourage creativity, value education and integrity.
  6. To regularly upgrade the library with sufficient numbers of relevant books, periodicals, journals and internet facility in order to keep the knowledge updated for the students and the teachers alike.
  7. To develop and provide all modern facilities for co-curricular activities together with curricular provisions where the youth would be groomed mentally, physically and psychologically to their requirement of the contemporary society.