Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC):


Chaired by the Principal, the Cell comprises Head of various Departments, Chairman, Co- ordinator, Dean, Board and Local Members . The Cell is entrusted with the responsibility of planning and monitoring the academic standard of the college as well as infrastructural facilities. This Cell functions as an advisory, recommendatory, monitoring and executing body. Timely meetings are held to assess the progress of the various ongoing programmes and to coordinate among the various Cells and Committees set up. Presently, the foremost task of the cell is preparation for Assessment by NAAC.

The following members are appointed as members of Internal Quality Assurance Cell wef. 1st June 2019 for a period of two years.


1. Kevi LiegiseChairman, Alder College
2. Dr. Rükhono K. IraluPrincipal
3.Kholi LohrüHoD, Economics
4. Z. T. KroseHoD, History
5. S. AmosHoD, Sociology
6. Ketoulenuo BelhoHoD, English
7. Nuneseno meyaseHoD, Tenyidie
8. KeneisenoHoD, Education
9. Huzo MeruMember
10. Dr. Nise IraluMember
11. Neingukhoto MeyaseMember
12. Jennifer VeyieIqac Co-ordinator
13. Momi DeviLibrarian
14. Zhapuvi LiegiseAdministrator






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